We operate as a global enterprise engaged in traditional exploration, unconventional resource plays, and processing operations in oil extraction.



We've conducted operations in partnership with many majors and we're recognize as an experienced, capable and cost-effective operator in pipelines building.



Working with the leading oil-refining operators, has given us the way to promote and sale the best valuing products, leading to a high value exportation industry.

Global operations

We currently oversees a wide and geographically diverse group of exploration, production and development activities in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Commited workers

We provide energy

To a wide range of clients from government to private operators
Stay focus on people

We are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, stakeholders, and communities

Energy maximum supplying

The pursuit of these resource plays is made possible by applying state-of-the-art new exploration and development technologies

Oil resources

Focus on the exploration and development of new unconventional resource plays

Continues development

We follow industry best practices, which include utilizing proven technologies and new ideas

QSE Management

We proactively identify chimical analysis through our established risk management processes.

Fight and reducing pollution

We go beyond just compliance by implementing proactive strategies to reduce our emissions

Community engagement

Committed to positively impacting the communities in which we serve or conduct business

We care about environment

Impacting humanity for the better, with sustainable energy

Latest Projects

In addition to the development of its legacy oil and gas fields utilizing new exploration and development technology, Mandji Energy is focused on the exploration and development of new unconventional resource plays.

We help juniors and majors companies to integrate oil and gas landscape in Africa, and reach growth and profitability without compromise

Our latest news for Oil and Gas

To meet the key challenges in the oil and gas industry, we are consolidating our competitive advantage and continuing to increase production with an unwavering commitment to best practices.

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    At MEI, we’re leveraging our meaningful infrastructure investments and focusing on our progression to full-field development. This is allowing us to shift towards a sustainable long-term development model. We expect our business strategy to drive increased capital efficiency and corporate returns by employing larger pad concepts as part of an integrated technical and operational approach to multi-zone resource monetization.